Brain Detox and Memory Maintenance

kundalini yoga brain detox memory maintenance

Toxification & Nervous System Diseases

More and more research suggests that the rise of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of nervous and glandular systems are correlated with the intake of residues of chemical and artificial pesticide, preservatives, solvents, degreasing agents, saturated fats, heavy metals and other ingredients and products of modern food, medicine and civilised household life.

Although the human body and mind have astonishing powers to deal with challenges and self-heal, it is no far stretch of imagination to foresee that the exploitation of resources of several waves of industrialisation, the usage of every chemical element and substance possible, genetic modifications, and the pollution of land, air and sea for advancing and improving our lives might come at a certain cost.

Anxiety & Depression

Together with this chemical side, we also experience a slow change in the structure of our society concerning the distribution and relationship between wealth, power, freedom, information, the value of labour, the price of food, the cost of property etc., which can lead to a lack of perspective, motivation and incentive to engage in life in a genuinely creative, productive, serving and fulfilling way. Hence also a rise of anxiety- and depression-related issues.

Coordinated Rhythm of Movement, Breath and Sound

The above can sound somewhat over-simplistic and is yet to be backed-up with more science, but I believe that it serves as a reasonable summary assessment. Yoga is not changing any of that, but it still can serve as an interesting and efficient tool for self-care in the face of these challenges.

Working with coordinated rhythm of movement, breath and (loud and silent) vibrations – in addition to changes of lifestyle and diet – we can support our brain and glands (especially pituitary and pineal gland) to higher efficiency, improving our memory and our cognitive, motoric, sensitive and intuitive capacities. This is what Kundalini Yoga generally does.

Our meditation will create a still point for our prana (life force) at the heart centre. It is practised to bring clarity of perception, especially about relationships with ourselves and others. It is very efficient in dealing with anxiety, nervousness, agitation, upset and restlessness. It is called Meditation for a Calm Heart.

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