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Thinking and talking negatively about ourselves, others and the affairs of the world as such often seems to come easy, seems to be encouraged by our surroundings, society and media, and by some of the people we meet.

But how do we feel coming away from such a conversation? How much are we aware of how it affects us every time? And did we engage consciously and purposefully, or were we simply drawn into it by habit, desire, or other powers? What is the purpose of communication? Can we do something about it? Can we make a change in our communication habits and skills?

The Purpose of Communication

In Kundalini Yoga we say that the purpose of communication is to elevate the other person. This does not necessarily mean to always please the other but to work for the true, long-term elevation of the other, ourselves and the spirit of everything to the best of our abilities.

Negative thinking, talking and listening can make us feel low, depressed, angry, helpless and bad. But we don’t have to contribute to bringing ourselves and others into these undesired states by lack of awareness and passivity.

Set the Intention

With our meditation we want to set the intention to make a change towards more awareness of the effects of our communication and an effort for more positive and uplifting thinking, speaking and listening. Please consider the below points for practical guidance in your effort:


  1. Be kind to everyone
  2. Speak not ill of others
  3. Speak not ill of yourself


  • Maintains awareness of the Self
  • Uplifts the spirit of the receiver
  • Is courteous and polite in delivery
  • Manifests as a clear radiant light within the auric body
  • Maintains awareness of the Ultimate Receiver


  1. Elevate yourself
  2. Tune in to the other (with empathy, looking for cues, using silence)
  3. Create common notion (non-judgemental, neutral, no lying, no gossip)
  4. Involve the total Self (destiny, vision, needs and feelings)
  5. Purpose and action (be concrete and practical)
  6. Uplift the other person
  7. Fix the result (repeat, stand by your word, build the future)


  • Listen with all your senses, be aware of non-verbal communication, feel the context
  • Catch subconscious points
  • Immediate processing, simultaneous recall (alertness outside and inside)
  • Learn to listen to yourself, so you can listen to others
  • What can you hear: individual, circumstantial, or infinite truth?
  • Listen to the first three lines, then make a judgement
  • Never accept abuse or a curse
  • Don’t listen to negative talking


  • Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for their life
  • Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in their life
  • Just like me, this person has known sadness, suffering, and despair
  • Just like me, this person is seeking to fill their needs
  • Just like me, this person is learning about life
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Meditate with me

Join me for a meditation class to set our intention, projection and vision for better, more positive, future-building, soul-uplifting, inclusive and compassionate communication habits and skills with the mantra

“Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Sache Daa Sacha Dhoaa Har Har Har”

“The Divine Self has become my support and protector. The Truest of the True is my refuge.”

“If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to act without any fear of gain or loss. You should act to preserve nobility. Let the other know, feel and understand that you are very balanced. The projection of your psyche is nothing but light. You are nothing but wisdom. Listen to everybody patiently, act only when you know it is right, never react.

“As you listen, notice how each thing you hear or witness immediately affects you. Your body is literally shaped by what you hear. If you listen to sacred mantra, sacred poetry and music, the shape takes on a rhythm that interconnects you and your Infinite Self.”

– The Aquarian Teacher

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