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Hor Bania (More Banis)

Some further mp3 recordings of Nitnem Banis from various Granthis:

Sukhmani Sahib Part 1 (Dhian Singh Komal) [45:05]
Sukhmani Sahib Part 2 (Dhian Singh Komal) [44:30]
Chandi Di Vaar (Giani Bhai Mehtaab Singh) [20:30]
Chandi Di Vaar (Master Darshan Singh) [19:00]

Panch Bania Plus

Some zip files with mp3 recordings of Panch Bania (with Shabad Hazare, Rehraas Sahib and Keertan Sohila, if available):

Bibi Harninder Kaur
Bhai Dhian Singh Komal
Chardikala Jatha
Bhai Jarnail Singh
Master Darshan Singh Namdhari
Bibi Rajnarind Kaur (Bani Pro)

Useful Links

DISCLAIMER: You don’t have to agree with what you read to learn something from it! There can be controversy, scandal and defensive polemic in religion and even in yoga. I might not agree with or even have an opinion about everything that can be found under the following links, nor do I guarantee that everything is “right,” but most of it should be at least helpful, interesting, inspiring or elevating.

Gurbani Online
contains SGGS, SDGS, Bhai Gurdas, Bhai Nand Lal, Mahan Kosh and more
classic Gurbani search tool
contains Mahan Kosh and Gurbani, Punjabi, English dictionaries
provides content and resources for Gurbani and Sikh teachings or
files with translations and transliterations (including English translation of SGGS in various formats)
Click here to read some comparative remarks about the five existing complete English translations of the SGGS
Mahaan Kosh: English translation in four volumes as searchable pdf:
Vol 1 (ੳ-ਸ)
Vol 2 (ਹ-ਜ)
Vol 3 (ਝ-ਫ)
Vol 4 (ਬ-ੜ)
is dedicated to sharing translations of passages from important Sikh texts
Sri Nanak Prakash Granth translations
promotes the work of Bhai Jaswant Singh, who has devoted his life to translating various Sikh scriptures
learn and discover more about different Gurbani collections
with many pictures of old manuscripts
resources on Guru Gobind Singh’s bani
Chaupai Sahib – Broken Bani
The Mool Mantra Controversy
a short history about recent attempts to modify the mool mantra
Learn to Read Gurmukhi (SikhiWiki)
Gurbani Core Vocabulary

Gurmat Sangeet

Gurmat Sangeet Collection
rare and priceless recordings of traditional Gurmat Sangeet Kirtan
The Gurmat Sangeet Project
preservation and propagation of Gurmat Sangeet high quality recordings and teaching materials
Gurmat Sangeet Academy
not-for profit school of Sikh music
Sri Bhaini Sahib Youtube Channel with Live Stream and daily Asa Di Vaar recordings
Sikh Sangeet
extensive audio database
Vijaya Parrikar Library of Indian Classical Music


Literature Resources
a list of selected literature on Sikh Dharma, Gurbani and Sangeet