Laya Yoga Meditation

Three-and-a-Half Beat Rhythm

This meditation is a variation of the Long Ek Ong Kaar Meditation we have practised two weeks ago. It uses the same mantra with a similar process of raising Kundalini energy, just in a more rhythmic way. The key aspect of the technology is to use an odd rhythm, in this case three-and-a-half beats (but we do not have to count, it is easy to follow the flow of the rhythm intuitively with the music). The oddness of the rhythm helps to bypass the control of the ego, and the three-and-a-half beats correspond to the three-and-a-half coils of the Kundalini snake.


The term laya means dissolution and absorption of one thing in another, greater one. In this case it refers to the dissolution of the ego into the true identity, or the dissolution of conflict and obstacles into the flow of Divine Will, the will of the Supreme Consciousness, which is basically the same as the definition of term “yoga” in the sense of union. The term “laya” is also used to describe synchronicity in music, the union of song and dance, and the destruction and dissolution of the creation into the Supreme Consciousness at the end of a cycle.

Meditate with me: Dissolving Attachments & Distractions

This meditation brings soul and destiny present and supports us in serving a higher purpose with our actions. It makes us creative and focussed on our real priorities and helps us to sacrifice whatever is needed to accomplish them. It supports us in dissolving our attachments and distractions from the ordinary world which make us reactive as opposed to neutrally proactive. The usage of the mantra

Ek Ong Kaar – a
Sat Naam – a
Siri Wa – a
He Guru

together with inner muscle contractions (bandhas) opens inner doors to the subtle creative powers of sound:

#162 Meditation Class: Laya Yoga Meditation

Find classes with shorter versions of Laya Yoga Meditation on Vimeo by searching for “Laya.”

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