Lives Matter

lives matter

Mantra transforms spirit into matter and creates the best possible reality through the right service of the mind. It can heal by opening space and capacity to absorb pain and illusion, and it lightens the darkness.

Sometimes I wonder about the connection between the corona crisis on one hand, and the new level of confusion in the middle of info war, fact checking, science quoting, conspiracy theories, but also the new wave of anti-racism on the other hand. Political and philosophical orientations, motivations and alliances seem to get reshuffled, new and unexpected divides between people appear. At least some of it seems to be an outlet for pent-up frustrated energy.

"Black Lives Matter"

When I first heard the slogan (and mantra) “Black Lives Matter” it felt wrong. How can people who want to achieve racial equality choose a slogan like this? I would understand this line coming from somebody who grew up in an unquestioned culture of racism and who suddenly starts to think about it, investigates and finally comes up with the insight and answer: “Oh yes, actually, black lives matter, too!”

The Inviolability of the Soul

This slogan seems to imply and accept that there really was a valid question if black lives would matter. And this is part of what enables racism to continue (or any form of discrimination or enmity based on any form or otherness). Fighting back the opponent on their level and on their terms fuels the vicious circle. It implicitly validates the motivation for their attack. It would seem more promissing to take the wind out of their sails by any method of response which opens a bigger space, exposing their irrelevance, ignoring their assumed logic, demonstrating irrevocably the inviolability of the human soul.

The dignity of our true nature is inviolable. But every time we identify with our form, race, gender, culture, or any “otherness,” and argue for it, we seperate and will inevitably be violated, if not by “the other,” then ultimately by our death. In the history of human conflict, we can often see that the victim unconsciously contributes to the energy and process that perpetuates the vicious circle of violence and pain.

The Karma of Colonialisation

Few weeks ago, seemingly by coincidence, I read three books which all dealt with different aspects and details of the slave trade and other rather drastic methods and results of colonialism. The magnitude of cruelty of this chapter of human history is most disturbing and inconceivable. The karma and heritage we have to deal with to this day is still alive and demands further attention and work. But Africa is hardly ever in the news, although many of the longest-lasting wars (between armies of teens and children), human tragedies and catastrophes continue to take place there. We, the rich nations, must confront the question of responsibility, and of how much of our wealth is still based on the history of exploitation of people we overran, economically, politically, violently. What long-term consequences can we expect?

A similar basic problem can be observed in other seemingly endless conflicts between man-women, hetero-homo, catholic-protestant (virtually any religion vs. any religion at a certain time and place in history), rich-poor, superiority-inferiority, all created by division, otherness and leading to xenophobia.

Courageous and Generous with Inviolable Dignity

Do whatever you can do contribute to understanding, forgiveness and tolerance with yourself and with others. Listen to people when they ask for your time, meditate, keep your life in balance, inform yourself but don’t be eager to belief, grow your own veg, have faith, communicate with your soul, go to rallies, meet people, practise yoga, meditation and pranayama for peace and healing, and discover the path of being a courageous and generous lighthouse in your own inviolable dignity!

A Class Divided

Watch the videos “A Class Divided” to see what it takes to fight racism!

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