Meditation Approach

meditation approach

Holiday & Therapy

Meditation is holiday and therapy, a long-term soft approach for human self-development and to unravel the mystery of personal and impersonal existence. It creates space, relaxes, helps letting go, calms and rejuvenates body and mind, and propels the soul into leadership and responsibility. It creates the space to escape from the slavery of constant compulsive thinking and brings us into the experience of self identity away from the mind. It relaxes and calms down emotional cycles and reactions which are otherwise using up significant amounts of our vital energy and clogging and fogging our inner space.

The Place of Space

Meditation brings us to the place where we can feel and listen to the vibrations and resonances of our innermost being, true identity, soul, from where we get practical guidance and overall inspiration for our life and purpose. Every morning I sit in meditation, I am again surprised about how good I feel, how close I come to this centre of stillness, origin and mystery, into the eye of the storm, and how comforting and empowering it feels. These are some of the most important moments in my day-to-day life. I want you to also feel that, and get clarity, vitality, creativity, healing and motivation from this inner connection, this pool of nectar.

Training of Awareness

Technically, meditation is not complicated. It is a learning process like any other and it is oftentimes more about what NOT to do than about what to do. The main thing is the training of your awareness: Do you realise when you lose your concentration to automatic, unwanted thoughts, fantasies and emotions, or if you drift away, space out or fall asleep? How long until you realise every time? Can you come back every time immediately without much ado? Don’t get upset or frustrated, just keep going (over and over again) and practice equanimity.

Meditate for Something

You can also bring some specific question, problem or intention to the meditation. Think about and formulate it as simple and clear as possible beforehand, go into the meditation session dedicating it to your concern, but then forget about it and do the meditation exactly the same way as always, don’t ponder on the subject during the meditation intentionally. It will probably pop up involuntarily anyway during the proceedings – then neither reject nor cling to it, stay neutral about any background and keep concentrating on the meditation object.

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