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Meditations Projections

The Kundalini Yoga Mind Model

Before exploring the Projections of the Archetypes of the Kundalini Yoga Mind Model, please read this previous post providing you with some basics about the Model.

The Projections

To expand and enrich our experience of meditation and explore and develop the capacities of our mind and psyche, we start a series of triple meditation episodes devised within the Kundalini Yoga Mind model. These meditations are designed to enhance and balance the aspects (archetypes), projections and facets of the mind as derived from a triple application model starting from the three primal qualities (gunas) on the Universal Mind. The model is somewhat related to that of creation described in the Sankya philosophy, counting down elements from the subtle to the gross.

Within this model each archetype (aspect) has 3 projections derived by application of the 3 Personal Minds (also called Functional Minds) – negative, positive, neutral – upon the archetype. It basically describes what happens to a situation in the spirit of an archetype if you apply your negative, positive or neutral mind to it. As you can see, the naming and technicalities of this mind model might seem a bit intricate at times, but is great fun as soon as we bring theory and experience of practise together.

In this first series of nine classes, each class will contain a short but vigorous set of preparatory exercises followed by a deep relaxation before engaging in the 3 projection meditations of one archetype. We will do each meditation for ca. 11 minutes. In a later series we will meditate for all of the Archetypes themselves. You can chose freely which series to do first and which second, and you can even devise your own sequence of meditations jumping back and forth between the two series. The sequence presented here is based on a numerology for the Archetypes.

1. The Projections of the Leader

We start with the 3 projections of an archetype called “Leader.” This archetype comes from an application of “Ahangkaar,” the Universal Mind’s ego-creating automatism of boundaries and identifications on the Neutral Personal Mind, the part of our mental faculty that connects us with the bigger picture and a higher guidance, and delivers through intuition and heart the best possible answer and action in any situation. This archetype gives us a combination of critical assessment and responsibility for action and provides us with vision beyond the surface. It lets us act and interact with both, integrity and accuracy.

The first (negative) projection is called “Protector.” This projection gives us clarity about the territory, task and people we are responsible for. We understand our role and job and the available resources. We protect what we have gained already and are open and alert to feedback about our weaknesses. The meditation is called haumai bandana kriya, the “binding of ego,” and helps us shed our pride and vanity.

The second (positive) projection is called “Commander,” a self-motivated, optimistic and confident attitude for goal-oriented action involving other people. It always provides a clear evaluation for what is needed for and implied in success. There is an acute sense of balance between short-term gains and long-term values and the ability to sacrifice distractions for the ultimate service we have understood and committed to. The meditation, a pranayama, connects us with the beyond.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Pathfinder,” a support for our commitment and duty to deliver our identity regardless of conditions. Our strong intuition assesses personalities and we see who can contribute what to best serve the purpose of the project. We can inspire trust and confidence in others. The Sphinx Kriya meditation connects us to past, present and future and strengthens our intuition and the power of our communication.

When we become leaders of our selves, we inspire others by example.

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2. The Projections of the Manager

In the second episode of meditations of our mind model we explore the 3 projections of the “Manager” archetype. This archetype represents our ability to find, motivate and utilise resources for a greater purpose project dear to our heart. It encompasses the ability to preserve balance under pressure and the influence of others’ expectations, set the right boundaries in all relationships and make everybody involved feel uniquely valued, belonging and challenged to give their best, reduce conflict, maintain priorities, responsibilities, flexibility, order and the best action sequence.

This archetype is a result of the application of “Ahangkaar,” the universal mind’s automatism to create boundaries, attachments and identifications on the Negative Personal Mind, the reactive-protective and eliminative capacity of our mental functions.

The first (negative) projection is called the “Historian” exemplifying our ability to learn from the past, let go and avoid influences of trauma, forgive and move ahead, and manage memories in service of supporting our action and true identity. The meditation, a cross-heart Kirtan Kriya, helps to learn from the past, avoid and forgive errors, and create new ways to move ahead. This meditation is also used in addiction recovery programmes. It balances the brain hemispheres.

The second (positive) projection is called “Chameleon,” a mental state of flexibility in social skills, security and grace in dealing with expectations of group and role. It holds the balance between manipulating others and being overwhelmed and absorbed by outside forces.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Judge.” The meditation fosters our ability to gain wisdom and self-guidance to hold in trust all that comes to us. We are never swayed by abundance and prosperity and always hold closely to the path. The meditation brings guidance, clarity, and removed blockages and anxiety.

Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru: Seed, Flow & Completion – the Ecstatic Infinity of the Divine

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3. The Projections of the Artist

Turning to the next instalment of our mind model meditations, we go into the projections of the archetype of the “Artist,” which results from the application of Manas, the universal mind’s faculty to sense, record, store, act and react, on the Positive Personal Mind, which is the constructive, opportunity-seeking, risk-taking, action-oriented, pragmatic, flexible and imaginative aspect of our personal mental capacities.

The Artist archetype represents our need to find, explore, process, elaborate and express impressions and sensations of life and creation in our personal, unique way. It is concerned with getting the right proportions, combinations, directions and nuances into a statement and vibration that moves, touches, inspires and elevates others. It likes to embrace diversity of opinions and is accompanied by curiosity, wonder and some impatience. Dedication and moderation are essential.

The first (negative) projection is called the “Actor.” The meditation is balancing our need for security with our need to immerse ourselves in our role, artistic expression and work. It connects us to the source of creativity of the heart centre which is a balance point between creative soul satisfaction and practical self-preservation.

The second (positive) projection is called the “Doer.” This meditation strengthens our ability to continuously engage in the process of creation in order to persevere to completion of the project. It is the joy in the process and completion rather than the satisfaction in the finished product. It helps to overcome difficulties and resistances during the creative process.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Originator.” This meditation connects to the part in us which naturally brings forward unique originality. The singularity of our existence in this point of space and time gives us – if we are sufficiently relaxed, aligned and awake – a unique vision that brings aesthetic signature, purpose and enchantment to our work.

This should be great fun!

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4. The Projections of the Strategist

In today’s meditation session, we explore the archetype of the “Strategist,” a mind-set resulting from a combination between “Manas,” the universal mind’s faculty to sense, record, store, act and react, and the Neutral Personal Mind, the part of our mental faculty that processes input from negative and positive minds and then connects us with the bigger picture, the guidance of higher forces, and delivers through intuition and heart the best possible answer and action in any situation.

The Strategist archetype is our ability to assess resources, conceptualise and construct them into complex sequences of actions, foreseeing results and consequences, and conceiving an informed decision to create strategy, pathways and workflow. Due to the influence of the neutral mind, we are able to be less self-conscious, create an impersonal agenda, and find it easy to make necessary sacrifices on the way.

Our first (the negative) projection is called the “Scout.” It assesses the environment knowing that there may be dangers. It gives you efficiency and advantage and keeps your nervous system strong and steady under stress, neutralising the influence of the ego.

The second (the positive) projection is called the “Coach” exemplifying our ability to attract, recognise and welcome the right resources at the right time. We realise the full scope of potential and limitations of each resource and process and maintain a practical approach. We develop and expand our intelligence and competence and naturally perform at high capacity.

Our last (the neutral) projection is called the “Guide.” The neutral mind makes us see beyond the surface, and we know intuitively connections and consequences associated with a situation and who to associate with. It also maintains our grace and protects our identity throughout the process. This projection is fostered by Kirtan Kriya.

Sounds like a sound strategy!

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5. The Projections of the Teacher

Tonight, we meditate ourselves through the projections of the archetype of the “Teacher,” the mind-set born out of crossing of the impersonal mind “Buddhi,” the wise and discerning aspect of the Universal Mind, with the Neutral Personal Mind, our mental capacity to process input from negative and positive minds, connect us with the bigger picture, the guidance of higher forces, and deliver through intuition and heart the best possible answer and action in any situation.

We are able to inspire others by living example, our personal experience has matured into impersonal wisdom in action. Awareness and intuition guide us in guiding and inspiring others with clarity, compassion and kindness. We act as an expression of Infinity for the benefit of everybody. We are a mirror to all other archetypes revealing true nature and what diverts from it.

Our first (negative) projection is called “Educator.” This projection recognises weaknesses that must be taken care of. It alerts us to limiting habits and tendencies in thinking and behaviour. It is acutely aware of the tricks, pitfalls and challenges that the ego will manifest.

The second (positive) projection is called “Expert.” We have a potentially infinite capacity for storing, processing and accessing information and for learning new skills and abilities. The projection can understand the relationships between many parts of a complex system or environment. We can become experts in any area we apply ourselves to.

The final (neutral) projection is called “Master.” This mystical projection gives us the depth, dimension and sensitivity for being in communion with the higher consciousness while acting on any level of existence. We are a conscious extension of the Soul, our compassion and sacrifice will bind existence in duty. This is the state of Yoga, union with our essence and origin, achieved by the discipline of sadhana.

Are you a Teacher to yourself? Are you a student of your Self?

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6. The Projections of the Defender

The archetype of the “Defender” results from a union of “Manas,” the Universal Mind’s faculty to sense, record, store, act and react by way of tama guna, and the Negative Personal Mind. The strong negative influence in this (via negative personal mind and tama guna) makes this aspect in many ways similar to the negative personal mind. It is a practical, sequence-oriented mental pattern concerned with recognising and dealing with threats, dangers, errors and accidents that could impede security and success of our existence and endeavours. It comes up quickly with a measured course of action to defend and cover our initial commitment, alliance and purpose, and makes us enjoy the challenge on the way.

The first (negative) projection is called “Soldier.” The two-times-negative-mind in this projection makes it all about personal risk management for your own security and survival. It is quick, fearless and seriously focussed on any target identified as a threat to your being, purpose or goal, and gracefully eliminates it.

The second (positive) projection is called “Ombudsman.” This capacity of your mind is a fixer of problems, mishaps and accidents that sees the opportunity and chance in the situation and turns a negative into a positive. It is versatile and pragmatic, a practical, effective and action-oriented learning machine.

The third (neutral) projection is called “Prospector.” This projection can relate seemingly unrelated coincidences and use that to an advantage. It sees beyond the surface and is able to use the flow within the bigger picture to bring everything into position and act intelligently. The Prospector in us notices things that go otherwise unnoticed and forms a strategic vision.

There are some parallels between the “Defender” and an archetype often referred to as “Warrior.” The latter, however, is a bit more complex and must be seen as a combination of several of the archetypes we are dealing with in this, our Kundalini Mind Model. The “Defender” is just one, if prominent, element of the “Warrior.”

Ready for the battle?

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7. The Projections of the Producer

The combination of Positive Personal Mind and Ahangkaar (Universal Mind via raja guna) generates the archetype of the “Producer,” who’s projections we will meditate on tonight. The Producer is our ability to enhance, extend, and utilize anything we encounter for the completion of effective action into creation. We are inspired by the vision of a project or product and naturally generate the necessary seriousness and focus for its realisation. It is our ability to bring things into sequences that lead to the desired consequences and organise resources to deliver the goal.

The first (negative) projection is called “Gourmet,” the tendency that intensifies our sensations and makes them into very personal experiences. We relate to and classify our memories with respect to our personal history, feelings and personality – to establish an aesthetic, sometimes nostalgic feeling about who we are. The meditation is the Heart Shield Meditation.

The second (positive) projection is called the “Architect,” the pragmatic creative impulse which sees the potential usefulness of everything with respect to the goal of the project or product inspired. The meditation keeps the balance of boundaries and focus as resources and recognition pour in. It keeps you centred under the polarities and contention that come with any significant project in life. It increases the creativity of the archetypical polarity of male and female energies in the sounds of Ra and Ma.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Entrepreneur,” which is the confidence of the alchemist of the future self. It is our ability of visionary forward thinking for fundamental research and revolutionary reform. The meditation lets us communicate from totality which brings the trust for strong, long-lasting relationships.

Together, let us produce powerful positive love, kindness, service, trust & faith for an awakened future in all hearts of all beings!

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8. The Projections of the Campaigner

This week we are meditating into the projections of the “Campaigner,” a potent combination of Buddhi, the wise and discerning Impersonal Mind, and the Positive Personal Mind. The discerning wisdom provides the intuition to see essence beyond time and space, and the positive personal mind adds a quality of action, involvement and passion. Together they give us an expanded sense of life, the ability and motivation to join our own will with a greater purpose and to be of service to others in the discovery of meaning and healing. This archetype is strong in a Missionary, Priest, Shaman or Healer. The meditation for this archetype is the Laya Yoga meditation, which we have done previously and which we will do again when going through all meditations for the actual archetypes.

The first (negative) projection of this archetype is called the “Devotee.” It recognises the cycles of acceptance and rejection and holds through the ups and downs with devotion to our original inspiration until we succeed. This mind set finds motivation and support in challenges and adversities and stays non-reactive. The meditation balances the chakras using the mantra Hari Har.

The second (positive) projection is called the “Enthusiast.” It is the motivation to share, extend and promote the essence of reality we have experienced. The projection gives us balance and proportion to have full impact without distorting the source. Our dedication and enthusiasm attract and ignite all resources to reach the goal in a dance of creativity and gratitude. It is the positive power of a Missionary. Again, we use the mantra Har in our meditation.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Creator.” This projection exemplifies the cohesive flow of all thoughts around a central focus, guiding all senses to enrich and elaborate our goal. Our devotion supports us in holding our attention on the primal and central seed, inspiration, insight, so that it is nurtured by all other mental activity and eventually unfolds and bears fruit. This projection expresses the uniqueness of our selves and our purpose in our creative legacy.

What is YOUR mission?

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9. The Projections of the Preserver

We arrived at our last episode of the Archetype Projections Meditation series.

Tonight, we are meditating into the projections of the “Preserver” archetype, where our Negative Personal Mind combines with Buddhi, the wise and discerning Impersonal Mind. This archetype is the keeper of the flame, the protector of the faith and the discipline that keeps us on the path through all arguments, emotions and commotions. It is the alertness towards every negative or positive impact that may sway us from our essential purpose and project. We defend the interest of our commitment by awareness, not by reaction.

The first (negative) projection of this archetype is called the “Runner.” This projection serves the archetype by detaching from memories and traumata that might tempt, hypnotise or distract us from our service. We can let go and drop the past in its inhibiting and limiting aspects concerning our intent to preserve, protect and keep together and going our dharma. It thus avoids traps of depression, disengagement, nostalgia, procrastination and regret. The meditation uses the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma” evoking the 5 elements.

The second (positive) projection is called the “Integrator.” This is the resourceful, inventive and expansive connection maker and intersector, always finding circumstances and coincidences in service of the preservation. This projection provides a sense of completeness to the archetype. We use the mantra “Har Har Wah He Gu Ru” in our meditation.

The third (neutral) projection is called the “Apostle” (literally meaning messenger or envoy). This is a prayerful projection of neutrality yielding clear perception of what is important to preserve. It links the essence of our purpose to the greater mind and soul of the universe invoking support and wisdom in synchronicity with the greater flow of things. We conclude this part of our journey with the mantra “Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahe Jio.”

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Resource: The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets, Yogi Bhajan and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Kundalini Research Institute 1998, ISBN 0-9639991-6-8

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