Sarab Gyaan Kriya Meditation

mind mantra meditation

Me and My Mind

The relationship we have with our mind is often unknown to us. This is mostly due to our strong sense of identification with our mind and especially with its activities. The English translation of Decartes’ saying “I think, therefore I am” could easily be interpreted in this sense. As long as we do not try to untangle this subject and gain some clarity about what our thinking mind is, how it works, how it is connected to our physical and emotional bodies, what it is influenced by, how it influences us, our behaviour and our believes, and what we can do to change anything about it, we are likely to be subject to our own programming and mental habits. We cannot be free to use our potential for fulfilling our life and happiness.

"I Don't Think, Therefore I Am"

The usage of mantras in meditation can entrance the mind into a neutral relaxation, and we can have space to experience our actual self beyond the activity of the mind (“I don’t think, therefore I am”), which can be a self-empowering and healing experience. It requires some practice, discipline and faith in our intrinsic goodness. The mantra is not entrancing the self, but the mind; it is creating a vibration which may resonate the self, awaken it to its true nature from its entrancement by the mind and all its belief systems.

There is nothing wrong with belief systems as such, but how many of our believes were consciously chosen by us in free will, how many are truly serving us, and how many are blocking us and holding us back from healing, forgiving, growing and living in happiness and fulfilment?

Siri Mantra

Maybe it is a bit of a marketing trick to call one mantra superior to another, but the mantra we are using in this meditation is said to be the most sacred and powerful mantra we have in Kundalini Yoga, it is called the Siri Mantra (“great mantra”):

“Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kaar”

Literal translations of its constituent:
ek: one
ong: mystical sound of creation and destruction (read my ong blog post)
kaar: creation
sat: true, existing
gur: remover of darkness, teacher
prasad: gift, blessing

Practise with me

However, to “understand” its effect and power, the application of our sensitivity and totality of our being to its sound and rhythm when meditating with it is as important as any intellectual analysis. The mantra expresses the parallel and cyclical continuous creation and destruction between spirit and matter, it projects the mind into a symmetrical relationship between the finite and the Infinite. It is also said to reverse any negativity of the mind and removes any obstacles within five repetitions only.

#095 Kriya to De-Stress and Re-Charge Yourself & Sarab Gyaan Kriya Meditation (with Siri Mantra)

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