Short Kundalini Yoga Videos

Short Kundalini Yoga Videos

Six Short Kundalini Yoga Videos with Manual

Since it is better to do a bit of yoga than no yoga at all, I have put together six short Kundalini Yoga Kriya & Meditation videos which fit – more or less – into half an hour. They will give you some physical exercise, mental clarity and help to adjust and set your overall energy whenever you don’t have enough time to practise a full set.

With every subscription you will also get access to the Manual and the Recordings of these half-hour sets. You can practise them by yourself and in your own time, just using the manual, or, if you prefer my guidance on screen, you can do them along with the recordings on Vimeo.

Tune your nerves and glands, clear you mind, centre your presence, raise your energy & elevate your spirit in just 30 minutes!

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