Snowdon Charity Fundraiser Hike

In May 2023 I joined a fundraiser hike up Snowdon mountain (Yr Wyddfa) in Wales for Khalsa Aid, a humanitarian aid charity founded in 1999 in Slough, the town we now live in.

Khalsa Aid is an impressive internationally working humanitarian aid charity with projects in many disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world providing aid to victims of natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine and war. They are famous for their Langar Aid Project (emergency food and water supplies in disaster and war zones), refugee help and supporting the NHS. The organisation is based upon the Sikh principle of “Recognise the whole human race as one.”

Watch this 7 minute video about the Project Langar Aid:
Feeding Humanity One Meal At A Time 
and check out their website and youtube channel.

In the time up to the hike on Saturday 8 July 2023, you have donated to my fundraiser over £800, which fills me with gratitude, pride and humility!

Thank You so much !!!

Sharing whatever much or little we have with people in need and distress and supporting those who manifest help for them is an essential part of yoga dharma, not only as a moral responsibility, but as an actual spiritual practise for ourselves. (Read a short article from me about sharing and donating as spiritual practice.)

On the big day, I rose at 2.45 am to make my way to the two coaches driving us from Slough to the northwestern corner of Wales, which turned out to be an altogether 6.5 hour ride. There, we met with another ca. 7 coaches full of Khalsa Aid fundraising hikers from other cities in the UK.

Although the weather was not so good (drizzle and some rain all the way up, dry but not sunny the way down), I immensely enjoyed the hike! I thrived on the physical challenge outdoors and the very many good-spirited fellow hikers on the path. Despite of the weather it was extremely busy with walkers, runners, families, dogs, charity groups etc., everybody happy and smiling, some singing.

The whole trip took almost 24 hours and we arrived exhausted and blissed out at 1.30 am back in Slough, sleeping in quite a bit into the Sunday morning. Due to the fog and rain I took only a few pictures on the way down. The selfie was taken on the peak, looking down (the view was exactly the same in all directions)… 😃

snowdon fundraiser hike
snowdon fundraiser hike
snowdon fundraiser hike
snowdon fundraiser hike
snowdon fundraiser hike
snowdon fundraiser hike

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