Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Meditation for Transformation

This meditation is lauded as one of the greatest and most powerful of all exercises. It is a meditation for transformation. It realigns the relation between inner and outer universe and gives the ego perspective on the Soul. It promotes the purification of karma so we can become more efficient in our creativity and enjoy the surrender to the Divine Will of the Bigger Picture in the flow of life.

Vagus Nerve & Healing

The exercise releases healing energy from the Mantra “Wa He Guru” through the Nabhi energy centre into the left, right and central channels and makes the Sodashan Chakra, the wheel of clear vision, turn. The rhythmic pumping movement of the navel brings an invigorating stimulation to the vagus nerve which connects the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves.

Although it refers to a different version of the “Sudarshan Kriya,” the effects and connections described in this article are relevant and instructive: The Vagus Nerve and the Healing Promise of The Sudarshan Kriya

The Sodarshan Chakra as a symbol can be seen on the index finger of pictures and statues of Lord Vishnu, the lord of transformation.

Bhagat Jai Dev

“The breath is drawn in through the left nostril,
it is held in the central channel of the Sushmanaa,
and exhaled through the right nostril,
repeating the Divine Name sixteen times.
I am powerless, my power has been broken.
My unstable mind has been stabilized,
and my soul has been adorned.
I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar.

Within my mind, I chant the Name of the Primal Divine, the Source of virtue.
My vision, that You and I are separate, has melted away.

I worship the One who is worthy of being worshipped.
I trust the One who is worthy of being trusted.
Like water merging in water, I merge in the Master.
Says Jai Dev, I meditate and contemplate the Luminous, Triumphant Divine.
I am lovingly absorbed in the Nirvana of the Divine.”

– Bhagat Jai Dev (ca 1170 – 1245) in Raag Maru in Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

How to Do It

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. The eyes are fixed at the tip of the nose. (This meditation is not to be done with eyes closed.)

Block the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril. Suspend the breath and mentally recite the mantra “Wah He Guru” 16 times in your navel as you pump the navel 3 times with each mantra repetition, once on “Wah,” once on “He” and once on “Guru” for a total of 48 pumps.

After the 16 repetitions unblock the right nostril. Use the right ring or little finger to block off the left nostril and exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril. Then inhale again through the left nostril and continue for 11-31 minutes. Master practitioners may extend this practice to 62 minutes, then to 2.5 hours a day.

To end, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, then exhale. Stretch the arms up and shake every part of your body so the energy can spread.

If you find it too difficult to hold the breath for the duration of 16 mantra repetitions, try to decrease the number to 12.

You can do this meditation exercise in silence (reciting the mantra inaudibly in your navel) or you can use this recording to support and accompany you: Gurucharan Khalsa Epic Wahe Guru [Note: Musicians provide an essential and priceless contribution to our lives’ joy and healing. Don’t take all your music for free from the internet but make sure to give back to artists by purchasing the right mediums through the right channels.]

Meditate with me

Let’s turn the Sodarshan Chakra together by pouring the nectar of Waheguru onto the petals of the lotus (click on the picture to start video):

Find classes with shorter versions of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Meditation on Vimeo by searching for “Sodarshan.”

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