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Happy New Year 2023

The Power of Discipline: Sadhana

Over the years we are building our discipline, re-programming our habits from ego-driven maximisation and exploitation to soul-serving and considerations within an ever growing picture. And then, when we are challenged and in need of strong nerves, calm disposition and a compassionate heart, it will come through and serve us and everybody around.

However, very often, in times of upheaval, transition and challenge, wenn we would most need our discipline, we don’t remember its significance and beauty, and instead indulge a bit in negative outlook or some kind of denial, and forget about what we have leaned already, no matter how hard the lessons were.

As the years pass in my personal life, I cannot overestimate what the practice of yoga and meditation have done for me. The advantage few lifestyle changes have given me on dealing with my karma are nothing short of life-saving. In waves it feels like it is connecting me with the ineffable thing I was searching for always, underneath the endless attempts within this world’s relations, acquisitions and achievements. At the same time it never fails to provide some immediate refuge, relief, some inner home and identity, and deliverance from attachments.

Of course, I have no way of knowing what exactly it will do for you or if I ever succeed in sharing with you what it does for me, but I will continue trying! Please keep up with me, use my online and in-person classes, on Zoom and Vimeo, yoga and meditation, and start also practising by yourself, to support yourself on your journey through this terrible and beautiful world ocean, during stormy or calm episodes.

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