The Guru Ram Das Project Charity

The Guru Ram Das Project

The Guru Ram Das Project (GRDP) is a Yoga Charity with the aim of improving physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of vulnerable people, and of promoting tolerance, understanding and harmony between and amongst communities.

Our primary activity is teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to vulnerable people. Client groups include

  • people who are homeless or in temporary housing
  • people recovering from addictions
  • people who suffered from domestic violence
  • young people with behavioural health and learning difficulties
  • older adults including those suffering from dementia
  • people living with HIV/AIDS and immune deficiency conditions
  • mental health service users
  • people with chronic health conditions

We specialise in setting up classes, running courses and workshops and supporting teachers to teach those for whom ordinary public classes would be unsuitable or inaccessible. We set-up a Chair Yoga Youtube Channel during the first Covid lockdown.

Read more and get to know our team on our GRDP website.

I am honoured to be trustee of this charity since 2014, and have served as chair from 2014 – 2022.

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Guru Ram Das

Guru Ram Das (1534 – 1581) is the patron and titular saint of our charity. From the age of seven, he was an orphan and, later in his life, became a celebrated devotional poet, musician and spiritual leader in mid-16th century Northern India. Read On

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