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Unconscious Habits and Beliefs

Many of the problems in our lives result from habits we have formed over time, based on partly conscious but partly also unconscious decisions and beliefs. If these habits and beliefs turn out to disturb our natural expansion, progression and healthy flow of energy, they will manifest sooner or later as emotional, mental or physical issues and can cause long-term and recurring sorrow and suffering.

Awareness brings Change

But we all have the ability to learn about ourselves and make changes. However small and insignificant these changes may seem at first, they can result in meaningful improvements. Yoga invites us to continuously become more aware about our automatic thoughts, beliefs, decisions, motivations and impulses, and to bring consciousness into the unconscious parts of ourselves. This awareness itself can sometimes already bring about significant change.

It’s All About Priorities

One popular belief – and excuse – is “I cannot” or “I don’t have time to.” A self-empowering thing we might want to consider is that life is ALL about priorities, and it is only us who sets these priorities and who can change them.

In his seminal bestseller “The Road Less Travelled” from 1978, Scott Peck tells a brilliant story of how he learned from a simple remark of his neighbour who was fixing a lawn mower that the only reason he (Scott) thought he could never fix things was because he was not prepared to invest it the required time and attention. We don’t give up easily our beliefs about our own lack of abilities or restrictions of time management because it frees us from our responsibility and (sometimes painful) honesty. But once we make the leap of change of belief and admit we were wrong (and understand why we held a belief), many new opportunities and solutions to recurring problems suddenly present themselves.

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What is Your Highest Priority?

If you happen to think that your soul must have highest priority in your life because it provides you with everything to fulfil your life’s purpose, you should give this connection the required and deserving time and effort, and allow the rest of your life’s affairs revolve easily around it. If this is not your highest priority, find out what is, and act accordingly. Although our true nature is infinite and our resources are abundant, our opportunities are priceless and our lifetimes are finite.

Practise Yoga & Meditation with me

All of the above is an essential part of yoga and meditation. There is no yoga without increasing the awareness about yourself, your inner and outer ways, fears, avoidance and self-sabotage, together with discovering and experiencing your courage, honesty, generosity, creativity, strength, positivity and joy all along the way.

Book Recommendation

The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth

M. Scott Peck, First published 1978


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